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jaka tablica manipulacyjna

Activity board is a creative toy for any smart little tot!

Probably every fresh mom wonders how to stimulate their child’s development wisely. She reads heaps of articles, looks through blogs and websites offering toys, and… still knows nothing. All products seem indispensable, each trend attractive, and no mom wants to miss out on anything, especially when her toddler’s wellbeing is at stake,

But you can’t have everything. Even if you are not big on minimalism, you realise there is no chance of having all products the market offers. That’s why the best idea is... a busy board! It combines many functions, develops and feeds the child’s curiosity. Surely our does!

A busy board – what you should pay your attention to?

tablica manipulacyjna lisek foxy familyDeciding to buy a busy board for your toddler is just the first step. Now you have to choose one! And it’s not easy. There are many different busy boards. Some with multiple elements, other with only a few. Some rectangular and very minimalistic, other motely and with multiple elements. How to know which one will be the best for your little one?

It is easier when you realize that the busy board should meet the needs of your child. Loot at the number of elements. A busy board can have many or merely a few. The best way is to choose a board that combines from a dozen to around twenty attachments. Such a number will guarantee entertainment without boredom, and still will not overwhelm for your child, which could happen with too many details.

Obviously, the elements on the board should be diverse. It is good to make sure that they stimulate the senses of sight, touch, and hearing, and at the same time vary in the level of difficulty. Thanks to that the board will grow with the child and attract their attention for a few years.

Safety is also important. Find out what materials the producer uses and if the paint is certified child- safe. It is recommended that the corners of the board are properly rounded and the edges smoothed.

The looks of the board are equally important. Your board will become a part of your child’s room. Therefore, it should match the interior visually. At the same time it should look attractive to your little one, for example have an interesting shape.

Original busy boards, a perfect gift

tablica manipulacyjna lisek foxy familyA busy board is a considerable expense to most families. That is exactly why it works perfectly as a first birthday gift or on any other special occasion. Especially if it is a Foxy Family busy board!

W rodzinie Foxy Family znajdziesz różne oryginalne tablice manipulacyjne, a wszystkie je łączą zwierzęce kształty. Są one nieprzypadkowe! Dzieci kochają zwierzątka i chętniej się nimi bawią, czują z nimi więź. To dlatego w naszej ofercie są:

  • fox-shaped busy board - it was a prototype designed based on our last name. Foxes offer the widest choice of colours and elements
  • lama-shaped busy board - Lama Mika is available in a few colours and has an amazing mop that adds to her charm
  • sloth-shaped busy board – Max the Sloth takes a rest on a tree branch with a smiley face that sends and invitation to play

Przy wyborze prezentu dla dziecka warto też zastanowić się nad tablicą manipulacyjną personalizowaną. Wówczas tablica sensoryczna zyskuje wyjątkowego charakteru i od razu widać, czyją jest własnością.

If not a busy board, than what?

Tablica Manipulacyjna lama Foxy FamilyAn activity board for children is a great idea. But if you are not convinced and would like to check if your toddler will like such kind of fun, don’t worry. There are many different fidget toys. Surely you will find the best option for your little one that you will also like. Need advice?

First you you might want to consider a busy cube. Our Foxy Family have those small wooden activity toys that are practical compact cubes in our offer. Each cube has six elements - just enough to test it. Plus it is a perfect travel or pushchair toy.

One thing you can be sure of: no matter which busy board or other sensory toy you choose, you will definitely satisfy your child’s curiosity about the world and support the development of their fundamental skills.

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