Busy table Montessori

Meet Henry the Hugger, foxy cousin from far-away Australia. Henry’s last name is not a coincidence. He is the hungriest for hugs from all Foxy Family members. And it has long been known that hugging works for everything!

Meet Henry

With his paws wide open he waits for little cuddly tots that maybe know all their toys inside out by now.
We can assure you that Henry will keep them busy for a long time, because his head is full of new ideas how to have fun practicing fine motor skills.
There is one more reason why Henry the Hugger would be very happy to move into your house. The recent months were utterly disastrous for Australian koalas.

We're supporting australian bears!

Foxy Family decided to support those animals that suffered the most in the wildfires and adopt one of the bears from the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, Lion Leo. Additionally, we will donate 1% from the sales of each Henry the Hugger busy board to support the Koala Hospital.

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