Activity board is an unconventional educational toy, inspired by the Montessori Method, that encourage your kid to learn through play. Foxy collection of wooden busy boards offer endless selection of creative solutions that improve the motoric skills as well as stimulate senses of a toddler. Every unassisted touch, turn or move of an element becomes a valuable experience of child’s sense of agency. Set of installed elements chosen by our experts supports the hand-eye coordination, logical thinking skills, as well as improves concentration and brain focus. We do not promote the one and only way to play with the board, we do not fix limits for child’s creativity. Things can be done differently every single time. More complex mechanisms like clock or shoes are there to invite the parents to explain how reality works and to teach their kids some serious skills. Foxy creatures can't wait to become your child's fun companion to discover the world with. Come and explore with us, the safe way!

Typically wood has a coarse texture, diversified structure and discolourations or knots. They are not product defects.

****It is recommended that children under the age of three play with the board only under the supervision of an adult person***

We would love to see how your toddler enjoys the busy board. Please share a photo with us on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag it @foxy_family_


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