A busy board is a perfect product for curious little tots offering them endless entertainment and a perfect opportunity to explore everyday items. It is a toy inspired by the Montessori Method. Playing with a fidget boards your toddler can independently explore what happens when they touch, turn or push any of the elements. Movable attachments support your toddler’s development. The board is an excellent sensory exercise. It improves hand-eye coordination, develops logical thinking skills, teaches independence and increases concentration. Each time when your toddler reaches out his or her hand to play, they can discover something new. And what fun it is to play with parents who guide them through the more complicated items showing them how they work. It does take some time to explore all the elements. But that is the point of the toy: to encourage the toddler to probe each attachment as long as possible and grow with the child.

The board is made of hardwood plywood and painted with eco- and child-friendly paint recommended by the Polish Allergology Society. Typically wood has a coarse texture, diversified structure and discolourations or knots. They are not product defects.

****It is recommended that children under the age of three play with the board only under the supervision of an adult person***

We would love to see how your toddler enjoys the busy board so please share a photo with us and tag it @foxy_family_ on Instagram.

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