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What are foxes like? Inquisitive and smart. Any parent would admit these are typical childrens’ traits. So would we.

Having watched our first born, and two years later another son, we automatically noticed their shared curiosity about the surrounding world. We saw how eager they were to explore, cross new boundaries and discover as much as they can on their own. We decided to make it easier for them. We adjusted our interiors to our curious little tots’needs, but it was not enough. We felt something was missing. So did our kids! Then we realized that what they were anxious to learn about were everyday household items. So we decided to let them play with them in the safest possible way. That is how we made our foxy busy boards with Leo, the Professional as the front runner. If you want to know more about our boards, please go to our blog: Busy Boards- What are they. busy board - what is this.

Of course we didn’t have to invent everything from scratch. The market offers many busy boards. But we wanted to create a design with a brand new look. A board that would be ours, perfectly match the kids’ needs, and at the same time be safe and fancy.
When we were making our boards, safety was our priority, so we decided to use child safe paints only, sand and smooth all the edges, attaching each element with care and caution.
It is also crucial to us that we make our busy boards in Poland, cooperating largely with other small family businesses like ours.

Animal shapes of our busy boards are no co-incidence whatsoever. Initially, the choice was obviously foxes for their natural curiosity about the world and… because of our last name in Polish, which literally translates into English as Foxy. We intentionally chose toned colours that match most interiors. The number and types of attachments were selected not to overwhelm your toddler but to keep the little one entertained.

Nazwy naszych tablic nie są przypadkowe! Inspirowaliśmy się imionami naszych dzieci, a następnie dzieci naszych przyjaciół, sąsiadów. Dzięki temu Leon i Hubert, ale też Franka, Stefan, Nina czy Kostek to nie tylko perfekcyjnie wykonane tablice. Każda z nich jest też inna, tak jak maluchy, które były dla nich inspiracją.
Do naszej lisiej rodziny dołączyli też kuzyni z Ameryki Południowej – Lama Mika i Leniwiec Max, kuzyni z Australii – koala Henio Tuliński oraz Henry the Surfer, a takze kuzyni z Afryki: lew Edmund, Żyrafa Franka oraz słoń Kostek.

Naszym marzeniem jest, by dzieci mogły rozwijać swoje naturalne zdolności w przyjazny dla nich sposób.Jeśli twoim też, to rozgość się, bo znajdziesz to w naszej rodzinie !